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Ronald Heu

"I'm extremely thrilled with how the music came out for our film, The Barber. It was unique, and really embodied the overall visual style of the film. It was also a pleasure working with Ronald. I spent quite a few hours working collaboratively with him in his studio and he's extremely receptive to feedback and easy to work with creatively. I hope this won't be the last project we work on together."

Melanie Aronson


"Ronald has a great ability to transform ideas into sounds. He works passionately, from early drafts to finished product. His process is focused and the result is on point. Looking forward to working together again in the future." 

Joakim Sjögren

 Art Director

"Ronald  Played a great part in making th movie (Jävla pappa) to what it is. He really put his heart into it and he was sensitive, flexible and worked super hard." 

Niklas Gyberg Ivarsson Art Director

"It is pleasant to work with Ronald. He makes sure he fully understands the project he is working on and at the same time he put his own mark on it." 

 Johan Sundell


"Ronald is awesome. He's completely present in what he is doing and his work stays true and close to what is portrayed visually and in voice overs. His music complements and enhances without taking focus from the story."

Nicholas Wakeham

Producer - Vyfilm


"I was super happy that Ronald ended up doing the music for Tiny Souls. He is so passionate and patient and he understood exactly what the story needed. The music he created added a very sensitive layer that created an important space for the audience to think, feel and reflect."

Dina Naser


"It is a pure joy to work with Ronald. He had a unique ability to understand what I wanted to express and composed music that was spot on. He possesses great creativity and he used a variety of different elements and sounds to reach the goal. Ronald has a warm personality and it is easy and pleasant to collaborate and communicate with him."

Marie Klint


"Working with Ronald is always a great experience. His musical talent and dedication transformed our film into something bigger. Ronald's ability to capture the essence of each scene and enhance its emotional impact through music is truly exceptional. His professionalism, responsiveness, intuition and openness to feedback made the collaboration seamless and productive. I highly recommend Ronald Heu to any director seeking a composer who can elevate their project to new heights. I look forward to future collaborations with him." 


Gustav Hugo Olsson


"IMS worked with Ronald Heu on the Jordanian documentary film Tiny Souls. We were witnesses to a full on engagement of Ronald as the composer of the film and a highly professional approach that did not only result in an excellent sound track but also managed to adapt fully to the thoughts and expectations of the Jordanian film director."                   

Rasmus Steen

 Head of Documentary Film - IMS

When I make music for films I make sure that the viewer stays fully engaged for the whole journey - from the first scene to the final frame.

I'm a performer and composer working from Malmö, Sweden. I'm classically trained but grew up playing in various punk and alternative bands. Apart from writing and releasing music independently I have been creating music for film, companies and educational programmes. 

I like when music sounds organic, alive and real. Perfection for

me is not about making things clinical but allowing the music to breathe and sometimes be a little bit rough. I prefer not to polish everything so that the magical mystery of imperfection remains.

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