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Ronald Heu


"I'm extremely thrilled with how the music came out for our film, The Barber. It was unique, and really embodied the overall visual style of the film. It was also a pleasure working with Ronald. I spent quite a few hours working collaboratively with him in his studio and he's extremely receptive to feedback and easy to work with creatively. I hope this won't be the last project we work on together."

Melanie Aronson


"I was super happy that Ronald ended up doing the music for Tiny Souls. He is so passionate and patient and he understood exactly what the story needed. The music he created added a very sensitive layer that created an important space for the audience to think, feel and reflect."


Dina Naser


"His musical talent and dedication transformed our film into something bigger. Ronald's ability to capture the essence of each scene and enhance its emotional impact through music is truly exceptional. His professionalism, responsiveness, intuition and openness to feedback made the collaboration seamless and productive.


Gustav Hugo Olsson




FILT just released the album Maximal Minimalism and I had the great honour of being a small part of it and play at the release party.


The documentary Death Hotel

by Gustav Hugo Olsson will bescreening at Kortfilmfestivalen

(12-16 June) in Grimstad, Norway. 


Super nice to be a part of this beautiful campaign for Malmö Live Konserthus.​

Inläsare: Katarina Lundgren Hugg Copywriter: David Birde, Birde & Frankel Fotograf: Johan Sundell Producent: Markus Bergqvist Mastring: Svenska Grammofonstudion Idé, Art Direction, Grafisk Design, Projektledning: Anna Thörn & Kajsa Bergergård Bartosch, Malmö Live Konserthus Regi & Klipp: Kajsa Bergergård Bartosch, Malmö Live Konserthus


The short film "Allting är bra nu" by Basem Nabhan is now available to stream on SVT Play. Music by yours truly.


I have lots of videos where I explore ideas and sounds in the studio on my YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe if you want to get notifications when new material is uploaded.  


The short film "Allting är bra nu" by Basem Nabhan will have its premiere at Uppsala Kortfilmfestival 23-29 October.


The documentary "Jävla Pappa" by Niklas Gyberg Ivarsson can now be streamed on SVT Play. The soundtrack is available on all streaming plattforms. 


The short film "Writing of Ape that I had the pleasure of composing the music for won Best Super Short Film at Boston Short Film festival. 


The soundtrack for "Jävla pappa" is now on all streaming platforms. Here is a small clip from the gig before the screening of the film at Babel in Malmö.


The documentary "Jävla Pappa" by Niklas Gyberg Ivarsson is premiering at Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm 8th of March. I made the music for the trailer and the film.


Two weeks ago I premiered a live set consisting of music for classical guitar, violin and double bass. So much fun to share something live as I normally spend almost all my time in the studio. Now I am back in the "cave" again though working on music for four(!) films at the same time.


Short jam that was my entry for (and later featured on) True Cuckoo's Jamuary Challenge: "Recording in an unlikely place" (hence the glockenspiel in the bathroom). Just having a good time in the studio.


Together with the lovely bunch you see to the right I was invited to be a part of a panel at Panora Cinema, Malmö. We talked about the role of music and sound in film. Really nice to be able to share my experiences but above all meet and hear different perspectives from colleagues working with film, sound design and music. 


In the beginning of the year I was super happy to find out that I got a working grant from The Swedish Art Grants Committee. This allows me to work on some musical side projects apart from music for film. In September I released an independent single on Spotify (see video beside). I'm also working on some different live performance setups and I did my first electronic gig a couple of weeks ago. At the moment I am working on the music for the forth documentary this year. You can find some excerpts from this years work in the media section.


Filmcentrum Syd visited the studio a while ago and we had a talk about film music composing, collaborations and the industry. 


I enjoyed making the music for the opening scene of "Yasmine" - a short documentary about Yasmine who all of a sudden sees herself becoming an asylum seeker.


A while ago I did the music for a commercial/information film about public art in Montreal. I wanted the music to be playful and have a feeling of moving forward. It was a challenge since there was so much "talking heads" but in the end I really enjoyed making the voices, visuals and the music becoming like "a dance" together.


I been working on the music for a trilogy documentary about daylight. The first part of this trilogy is now complete. (Two separate parts put together in the excerpt).


Check out the second teaser for the new EP by Sleepless Mountain.


New EP with my side project Sleepless Mountain. "Point Nemo" will be available from June 10th on all major platforms.


No one remains unaffected by the things going on in the world right now. We have to do our best to stay positive and creative during these times of global crisis. I made a "quarantine video" of me playing a duet with myself. 


I ended up on the cover of "hallå Malmö". The article is about how I ended up making music for films and how my background, as member of punk bands and then studying classical music, has been useful in the creative process in making music for films. 


I had a nice experience going on the news to talk about my music for films. Web version in Swedish here:



I recently had the honour of being invited to the local premiere of Tiny Souls in Amman, Jordan.

It was a beautiful outdoor screening. I love working in the studio but being invited to screenings and meeting fantastic people from all over the world is a real blessing and something different from working in the studio. 


Recently I made the music for an awesome short film called "The Barber" by Kinana Films and Eyeing the World. The trailer was released today. Check it out! 


I have created the music for a beautiful and important documentary by the Jordanian filmmaker Dina Naser. It will premiere at CPH:DOX 28/3. You can get tickets and read more about the film at:


I have released the two first singels (more to come) with my little side project fågelmamman

fågelmamman is about having fun, creating something different to what I normally do and collaborating with other musicians. You will find them on most streaming services like Spotify:


A while ago me and my colleague Adam Hansen-Chambers created the music for a movie about the project Störd och Stolt. It can now be streamed in it's entirety on YouTube. Half an hour of feel good (in Swedish and without subtitles though).

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